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Four communications takeaways from Davos 2024

Four communications takeaways from Davos 2024

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos brought together business, government, and media leaders to discuss pressing global issues against the snowy backdrop of the Swiss mountains. This year’s theme, “Rebuilding Trust” saw four key topics emerge that will resonate with communications and marketing specialists:


  1. Shifting Focus on AI

    Discussions moved beyond the dangers of AI towards exploring its practical applications and societal benefits, with concerns about reputational risk taking a backseat. This shift reflects a growing recognition of AI’s potential for positive impact.


  1. Disinformation Dilemma

    The spread of fake news, particularly AI-generated content, dominated discussions. Leaders acknowledged the threat it poses to voters and the need for regulatory reforms to combat it. This highlights the growing importance of media literacy and responsible online behaviour.


  1. Cautious Corporates in the Culture Wars

    The rise of anti-ESG sentiment (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the reluctance of CEOs to take strong stances on social issues suggest a move away from previous trends of public pronouncements on values. This creates a complex environment for businesses navigating societal pressures.


  1. Geopolitics Looms Large

    Global conflicts and tensions were identified as the top business risk for 2024, closely followed by societal polarisation. This underscores the need for PR professionals to be well-versed in geopolitical situations to effectively communicate with diverse audiences.


The takeaway for PR professionals? Be cautious in the face of complex global challenges, including climate change, disinformation, and security.


Embracing meaningful collaboration and adapting communication strategies to the evolving landscape will be crucial for success. While challenges abound, PR professionals remain essential guides for businesses and organisations navigating an increasingly complex world.