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Hello! And welcome to Liminal, a new communications consultancy working with financial services sector firms across Europe.


Our focus is on providing strategic communications support to the full spectrum of financial services brands, from global asset managers to emerging disruptors, and everything in between. Our international team works across traditional media and digital communications channels, as well as delivering training and content creation services for clients.




We have a simple (though not straightforward) mission: to help financial services companies communicate successfully, in the press, online and in person.


And in doing that, we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel – we think it’s already pretty clear what good communications is all about. But we do want to really double down on the things we know are important to clients, and contribute most to their success: quality of strategic thought, deep sector knowledge, proactive execution and a commitment to building long-term, trusted partnerships.




The word Liminal derives from the Latin term for threshold, and is often used to talk about the transition from one world, or state of being, to another. It’s a word we’ve always liked, but it’s connotation of transformation, of change, is especially relevant in the context of communications.


Because change is what successful communication campaigns are all about: changing perceptions, changing behaviour, changing the way organisations understand themselves as they work towards their goals. If we’re not creating change, then we’re just making noise.




We’re launching today, but really we’ve been around for more than a decade as the UK business of CitySavvy, the award-winning financial and corporate communications firm set up in 2005, so we think of ourselves as a start-up with a 14-year track record. We’re honoured that our clients and team from that business have come across to Liminal, and we’re excited to be making this new start together.


Thanks for coming to take a look at our new site, we hope you like it. We have some big plans for the future that we’re working on, so do keep checking back in for the latest news and views.


And if you think you might like to join our team, or are interested in exploring how we could help you and your business communicate successfully, please do get in touch, we would really love to hear from you.